An addiction to the bare minimum: A case of Kenyan Politics

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As the election period draws closer and the campaigns get heated, politicians are coming out in great numbers and also coming out with even greater promises. Unfortunately, most of the promises the politicians make are the same old ones they have made over the years.

“I will bring road and other critical infrastructure so you can take your produce to the market” some politicians will tell us. Why do we have to wait decades before good roads make it to every corner of the country? Or do politicians really dread the prospect of coming up with new promises once they have fulfilled the old ones?

Another one of politicians’ favorite promises is: “I will bring you clean and tapped water and job opportunities for the youths”. Clean tapped water in all seasons remains a major issue. It is sad to say that some of the counties that supply water to residents in the capital city, do not enjoy the steady supply of water that the city residents do. On the promise of job creation, didn’t politicians after they were elected state that youths should work towards creating jobs for themselves. Also weren’t the youth told by government leaders to utilize the available opportunities in the creative sector to create employment for themselves and eventually contribute to our economy. Meanwhile, big wigs who ought to be enjoying their retirement are appointed to government offices fairly often. When will the youth lead?

Also, why do politicians seeking re-election have to come up with a record of what they did even if it was what was required of them? Sir, Ma’am that was what was required of you! Let your work speak for itself. As the Swahili saying goes, “Chema chajiuza, kibaya …..”. We don’t have to applaud you for building schools in the area where you are elected.

Another thing, why do we re-elect people who have been involved in scandals, corruption, and embezzlement of funds. As someone once said, it seems we suffer from a case of selective amnesia when it comes to politics. Also, who clears these people even to be eligible to run for office?

We should expect more from politicians. We should not so easily be swayed into voting for someone, forgetting damn they fell short of their responsibilities. Also just because leaders, elders, and family support a certain candidate doesn’t mean you are exempt from thinking for yourself and doing your due diligence. I could go on and on, but as we approach the general elections let’s vote responsibility or deal with five more years of consequences.



A writer who is curious about too much. So I write here to calm the mind

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A writer who is curious about too much. So I write here to calm the mind